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The number of animals continues to grow in our area and in turn increases the amount of unwanted animals. Just in the Texarkana area the shelter took in 5,292 animals and out of that number 3,273 of those animals were euthanized at our local shelter in 2010. You can help lower these staggering numbers by spaying/neutering your pet. The Texarkana Humane Society has an affordable Spay/Neuter Program available to you now. Won't you please take a stand to help resolve this situation and take advantage of this program? Here are just a few reasons you should have your pets sterilized:

1. Spaying your female pet eliminates the risk of developing pyometra, a potentially deadly infection in the uterus.

2. Spaying before their first heat cycle eliminates the possibility of uterine or ovarian cancer and significantly reduces the incidence of breast cancer.

3. Neutering your male pet eliminates testicular cancer and decreases the incidence of prostate cancer.

4. Spaying and neutering greatly reduces and can even eliminate annoying behaviors.

5. Spaying and neutering helps fight pet overpopulation and euthanasia by preventing these births so they don't end in death.

Please be responsible and become part of the solution. Your pets can't make the call so we hope you will.   Please contact Sherrie at 903-824-8117 for more information.


Call Sherrie

(903) 824-8117 for:

1. Spay/neuter assistance

2. General information

3. Adoption applications

4. Finding a home for a furbaby

5. Animal cruelty issues

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Please help us save lives! Fosters help us save more dogs. By taking in one of our rescues until they find their forever home, you save one more dogs life. THS takes care of all medical care and all you need to do is bring your foster to adoption events. Fill out our foster application  and email to Sherrie. 

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